Space Invaders Through The Years

The Classic Space Invaders

Alongside Pac-Man, Space Invaders remains two most iconic and most popular games of all time. Its creator Nishikado Tomohiro got his inspiration from another arcade game known as Breakout. Nishikado wanted to create a shooting game that’s the same as Breakout, though with complex graphics. He was eager to retain the strategy and ideology that involved shooting targets as well as progressing through levels.

Space Invaders is referred traditionally as a 2-dimensional shooting game. The player is in control of movable laser cannon with the mission of shooting different number of moving aliens. Apart from moving sideways, that make it harder for the aliens to be shot, they additionally move further and further down the screen at the same time the level progresses. When the aliens are eliminated, then the play will advance to the next level. The aliens move across the screen much faster. This increases the game’s difficulty. The game could continue technically infinitely since there’s no set completion of Space Invaders just like Pac-Man and other arcade games. The quest of the player is helped often by the so-called “mystery ship.” This moves across the screen’s top and rewards the player with bonuses when it’s hit.

After an originally slow uptake in Japan, the game became absolute hit. Soon, there was opening of specialist Space Invaders that housed nothing but Space Invaders cabinet. At the end of its first year release in the year 1978, Space Invaders had grossed over $600 million. This was just in Japan! This uptake was equally big in US and by the year 1980, there were above 60,000 Space Invaders machines housed in US, ranging from $2,000-$3,000. Space Invaders was so popular in Japan that a shortage of 100-yen coins was attributed to it, and so many people that used them in arcade halls. It additionally made the change to the video game console arena. Space Invaders was the first official certifying of arcade game when the game was released on Atari in the year 1980. The game alone quadrupled the system’s sale. It was also the first video game to sell above one million cartridges. It pushed double that amount in its first year.

The history of this game is so deep and rich. It has appeared in a number of cultural references. The most defining thing, perhaps, about Space Invaders is the alien image which was made so renowned. The game has been referred to in a number of TV programs and music songs. It has even spawned some series of merchandising sales and you may even play it on your mobile. Any quick internet search will enable you play Space Invaders, having hours and hours of endless fun. This game was selected to represent Japan in the year 2006 as part of some project for cultural affairs. This vindicates its popularity in the world of arcade games. Recent remakes and ports include Space Invaders Anniversary (2003) released for PlayStation 2, Space Invaders part 11, and return of the Invaders were ll featured in the arcade compilation, released in 2005, and Space Invaders 91 and Space Invaders 95 as well as Space Invaders DX that were featured in Taito Legends, released in 2006 among others.

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Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit

Thousand Generations In Orbit

Habitat: A Thousand Generation in Orbit is a survival or a simulation game that involves the construction of an improbable spacecraft from a debris floating on a post-disaster orbit of the earth. In this game, the players must assume the role of a commander that involves guiding a team of engineers to collect a lot of debris that is found in the earth’s orbit and turning it into a habitable space station that is able sustain human life. The players can combine many elements of the debris; they explore the space before mining the available resources that are found at the orbit. The ability of the players to master the physics-driven flight simulation and turning their creations into kinetic orbital weapons is what is needed to wipe out the enemy. This is also what determines their survival in the universe with zero gravity. The game was created 4gency, a game developer that is based in Seattle. This game is a sandbox construction, exploration and destruction mode that is played by one player. It is developed for the Alpha and it is followed by dynamic campaign that is set in the star future of the earth.

Habitat is space-themed game of strategy that can place you in a high orbit but around a ravaged earth. Your survival in this game is based in your ability to maneuver through various centuries of floating space and to construct a base that is sustainable. It involves leading a group of engineers in salvaging construction and operation. In this game, you can experience grim choices because the management of your limited resources is what means your difference between life and death. As powerful and mysterious enemies mound massive attacks on your habitat. In this game, you will be required to understand how to craft kinetic weapons that you can use to defend your stellar territory. While you are fighting, exploring and creating, you will be able to understand the real truth about the destruction of the earth and you will also be able to discover the secret that anchors human survival among other stars.

The game is very beautiful because the titanic shudders into constant motion by holding together while the rockets take it towards a space of potentially important atmospheric debris. There is immense sense of achievement in this game and if it works, it can provide habitat to earth’s survivors. The game has a lot of RTS feeling to it but to grasp the gist of the game, it is imperative to have a rudimentary knowledge of physics. You should fit a booster on the wrong angle in order to drag yourself off-course, this is to avoid many burger stands that dangle off the starboard. This can affect how the crate moves. The game also involves fitting weapons as well as grappling hooks; all this need the players to precisely but slowly turn the ship in the middle of the fight in order to keep watch on the obstacles and enemies. The game is typical of a naval combat because it features missile launchers, junk-throwing gizmos, flamethrowers and raft of lasers that can unleash hell. The game feels and appeals more marvelous. It is a very addictive game.

Live the Dream in Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour

As many would speculate, Guitar Hero isn’t about storyline, or tune lists – it is about the gameplay. Characters can be customized by you nevertheless and there exists an enormous quantity of accredited items in the game.

Guitar Hero is just among the enchanting and most addictive games. It’s only a fad, but the guitar that is actual is an artwork, virtually a lifestyle. Is there anything that may make this air guitar fans fantasy better than it already is?

Guitar Hero is an amazing game, one buffs that are musical must not be without. You will need this game, if you have even a bit rocking chair in you. There are folks who do not have a social life, who only sits inside setting up their sessions and playing this game on YouTube. Guitar Hero is a thing of evil. The worth of music degrades.

Guitar hero is trendy. It’s the present of rocking your walls clean your house off. Guitar Hero is back – and to eleven, everything was turned up in the finest custom of rock movie Spinal Tap.

Guitar Hero is readily as powerful as your regular games sorts, like platformer or a great first-person shooter, and quickly becomes the kind of game that pops into your head on a regular basis. Rockband SO is being ripped off by guitar hero. Is this legal? Guitar Hero is his avocation, and he’s a child.

Guitar Hero isn’t a pitiful digital fair trade it is an enjoyable Game. It’s likely the best game ever, so this can be tremendously exciting news. I am really interested how they will execute everything. Guitar Hero is another fantastic party piece, but also a game that is fun solo. If you would like to feel like you are in Spinal Tap before buddies.

The game features so many artists spanning so many generations and genres it’s crazy. So many songs are already on the disk and yet there is nearly 3 times as more available as downloadable content. Some of our favourites to play are of course the classics, Through the Fire and Flames, Hot for the Teacher by Van Halen, Everlong by the Foo Fighters and Hotel California. From the DLC for the game the ultimate track you have to get and play along to is What’s My Age Again by blink-182! Speaking of which they’ve just announced a blink-182 tour taking place across Europe this summer. You can play guitar just like Tom DeLonge!

Ultimately, there appeared a victor (by just 8,000 points!) hoisted him onto their shoulders and his pals and stormed the stage. With the ultimate score we were all quite fast humbled. Ultimately, Conflict is the supreme head on contest. Like Pro Face Off, you play but with Conflict, as you play nicely, you earn powerups you may use sabotage, to interrupt, and frustrate your competition.

Games that feature caricatures of star artists, such as Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero III, contain the power to unlock those artists. Game play starts when you see the arrows come on the display toward you. A control line is where, when it is met by the arrows, you press the similar coloured button on the guitar controller’s neck. The quantity you snort affects gameplay, with a reasonable number giving you inspiration and additional energy, while too much will make you lose control, and perhaps OD.

Neither of the games can be found for play on Nintendo GameCube or routine Xbox.

Players will have the ability to change their character’s poise, tattoos, clothing, make-up, and age. Chosen characters from preceding Guitar Hero games will even be accessible for creating a rocking chair as starting templates. Enthusiasts also can join together to play coop style conflict each other using new Conflict Things exceptional, or using a nearby wireless connection. Players can also autograph a virtual lover’s Tshirt using the touch screen and the stylus or use the DS’s wireless abilities to play in cooperative or contest ways.

The World of Titanfall

Microsoft’s exclusive finally hit the market after being on the hype for quite a while. Being one of this year’s most anticipated games, many out there are asking if it does live up to the hype. For everything the World of Titanfall wants to be, it all comes down to the game being an online multiplayer game.


The World of Titanfall is a distant future where humanity has expanded and through interstellar phase jumping, the now dominant humanity across galaxies has begun to populate and mine other planets. Numerous generations of humanity have established lives in some of the deepest reaches of the explored space; a vast region called The Frontier containing numerous well-known and occupied solar systems yet many other worlds remain unexplored. The Frontier sets the scene for a conflict to boil up between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. Militia is a group of rebels while the IMC represents a huge corporation that thirsts for institution, expansion and profit.

The game starts off with a short montage on how humanity came to expand and reach deep space exploration and later followed by a tutorial to introduce the player to the pilot role in the world of Titanfall. Up to this moment, you should be playing in ‘single-player’ mode; after which you will be pulled out of this tutorial experience and head into a lobby with other Militia players to be paired against other six IMC players. Before being thrown into the scene of the game, a voice-over keeps playing while in the lobby, narrating the story so as to give you some heads up about the next mission of the game. The beauty and ease of this game is how each and every mission begins with a small or rather brief 10 minute zest talk before being deployed. In addition, during action or active mission, characters will usually pop up to give you a heads up or inform you on the progress of the story and or the situation. Furthermore, the game often presents the player with overheads of sequences of actions, for instance, an artillery cannon that is destroying distant targets or two space ships battling.

Win or lose, finishing the mission is very important in the world of Titanfall. After you finish the mission, you are transported back to the lobby immediately for debriefing as well as introduction to the new mission. The game has nine Militia missions that must be completed before moving to the IMC category where you again complete the same levels as in Militia but from an IMC perspective as well as a slight difference in the narrative. These two campaigns shouldn’t be a problem to any gamer out there, with the games multiplayer online capabilities, the game should take you around two and half to three hours to complete all the levels. As you play on and on, you will probably get to learn more and more tricks about the game and how to enjoy it even better, and if you are still wondering if it does live up to the hype, it definitely does.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Machine


Warhammer 40,000 is a single or multi-player third –person shooter game developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Cloud (online) platforms. It is based on melee combat techniques as well as advanced hybrid shooting in the Warhammer 40,000 environment in different levels of Ultramarines chapters. Main developer of this game is Relic Entertainment using a Havoc-based Phoenix engine.

Warhammmer saw its release on September 6, 2011 and September 9, 2011 to generally good reviews and has been distributed by THQ Studios either through optical disc, downloads or cloud computing.

Project Development

Relic Entertainment used professionals who had worked on similar projects such as God of War and Gears of War games. THQ distributed a showcase demo of the game in August 2011 before its official release on September 2011.

Game Timeline

The game kicks off at planet Graia which is invaded by alien orks so three ultramarines Commander Titus, Sergeant Sidonus and Tactical Marine Leandros are sent to investigate. They arrive only to find that the Imperial Guard has been overrun and nearly facing defeat. All senior officers have been killed and a junior officer Lieutenant Mira is in charge. They combine efforts to recapture the planet’s defensive cannon to give reinforcement teams enough time to arrive and launch a counter attack.

The ultramarines then proceed to secure a massive war machine called the Titan Invictus situated within a reactor called the Manufactorum. They use the Psychic Scourge feature of the machine to kill the orks but they don’t die. Unexpected to all, a gateway to the realm of Chaos is opened and their lord Nemeroth comes out and subdues all the space marines. Consequently, the portal i.e. the Spire widens and Chaos forces come out in numbers to attack Graia.So Titus grabs the Power Source ejected from the Scourge and uses it to fully activate the Titan Invictus. On full charge it destroys the Spire but in the process Lord Nemeroth kills Sergeant Sidonus and steals the Power Source.

The reinforcement fleet, Blood Space Marines, Titus’s Company and the Imperial Guard finally arrive and are led by Titus to fight off the Chaos forces. Nemeroth tries to use the Power Source to upgrade to a more powerful form of a Daemon but halfway through Titus interrupts him. Titus engages Nemeroth in combat, wins, then breaks the Power Source in half. Pure warp energy does not kill him but he falls to the ground only to be rescued by a Thunderhawk dropship before he hits ground.

Titus is then arrested by the Inquisition (led by Thrax) on grounds that he may be corrupted with Chaos (as alleged by Leandros). He denies this, backed up by Mira and accepts to go with Thrax as long as planet Graia, Mira and his fellow ultramarines will be left unharmed. Graia is no longer in threat but it is quarantined by the Inquisition.

Game Features

  1. Main Character (Protagonist) – Titus is usually followed by Sidonus or Leandros in some missions or may be solo in some. This is available from a third person’s point of view.
  2. Special Abilities – Titus has regenerative abilities and performing certain actions can help improve his life health if low.
  3. Fury Meter – If filled up enables one to perform amazing combinations of melee attacks or bring up slow-mos. in shoot-out situations.
  4. Advanced Weaponry – You start out with simple tools such as a pistol or a knife. You can then upgrade them as you progress through the game to get advanced weapons such as the Vengeance Launcher (shoots sticky grenades).
  5. Antagonists – Include Forces of Chaos who can summon monsters via a gateway called the Warp as well as the violent and primitive orks.

Starting out in Band Hero

Band Hero Logo

For most teenagers starting a musical band and being able to see it love to its expectations is a major achievement. However, not many people are able to do that but Activision has created a game that will allow most gamers to have a firsthand experience of playing in a band complete with the instruments with your friends backing you up. For those that might not fully understand what Band Hero is, it is a more or less a version of Guitar Hero 5 only that it is more soul full and does not pay as much attention to the rock.

The game is a family friendly pop-centric reskin of the Guitar Hero 5 but got the different name so that it would not create a confusing climate among the fans of Guitar Hero 5. It comes with a collection of quite intriguing features like the ability to create your own play list as well as the jump-in and Jump-out party play alongside with the fact that the game has the ability to remember every player’s instrument, the difficulty level that you had set as well as the preferred character that you can choose from a variety that includes Adam Levin of the Maroon 5.

There are a number of modes that one can play including the solo play but he career play is perhaps the most riveting. It is built around performances at different arenas with a variety of songs that you can perform. While you may tend to rely on the instrument that you’re good at, the game has a number of challenges that are built around helping you make use of the other instruments like the drums as soon as you can find where the drumming sticks are stashed.

The game provides you with not only an entertaining way of playing and trying out your talents, it also provides an avenue for you to harness your skills as well as a great platform for family fun and participation from the great variety of song that one can choose from. Aside from putting together a great game that is highly involving Activision has also gone out of their way to throw in some plastic music instruments with the game. That way instead of having to press away at a pad, you can just have a guitar in your hands or drum sticks thumping your way to a beat.

By completing a number of gigs, the game allows you to unlock a variety of characters that include Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift and also Adrian Young. It will definitely provide a wide array of entertainment and endless hours of entertainment not to mention the practice without boredom. If you’re looking for a game that offers more than just a gaming experience but would also teach you how to enhance your skills and is a great addition to the family fun then Band Hero can be a good basis for that. Unlike most of the video games that are mostly passive, Band Hero is pro-active and that makes it a great candidate for those that would like to live the life of a star and shed a few pounds at the same time. Needless to mention, it might also qualify as a great teaching tool.

Salvation for the earth – Saints Row IV

Who does not love video games that are so realistic that you forget they are games? There world of gaming is congested with so many games- the good, the awesome and the downright addictive. However, there are some games that come off as simply lackluster. One of such games is most definitely not the Saints Row IV- Alien Invasion Crazy. Its predecessor Saints Row- The third was more than exciting and thus if you have not played this game you can only begin to imagine how exhilarating it is.

Saints Row 4

Look forward to…

You should be looking forward to an intoxicating dose of entertainment when you get Saints Row IV. When it comes to Saints Row, there are two things that you can always look forward to: an abundance of crazy weapons and lots of activities to engage in. The crazy weapons case is quite evident in Alien Invasion Crazy. The storyline is a truly impressive one that will make sure you get a gaming challenge that you have not gotten in recent times. The story goes something like this:

After saving the United States of America from a missile launched by Cyrus Temple- sworn enemy of the Saints- the presidency of America is unlocked. This of course is after the killing of Cyrus. Some five years later after this the protagonist while the protagonist is the president, the Zin Empire invades the Earth. The Zin are an alien race. Led by their emperor Zinyak, the Zin capture the protagonist (president) with all his cabinet members and lock them up in a virtual simulation of Steelport. The protagonist must find a way to escape to the Earth.

Alien in Saints Row 4

Here is the interesting part- in the 50’s sitcom simulation of Steelport, violence and foul language are forbidden. Zinyak (the emperor) destroys the whole planet Earth thus killing everyone who had not been captured by the Zin. All those who had been captured were taken captive on Zinyak’s ship. The Protagonist thus vows to seek revenge for the earth and to return into the simulation, disrupt it and kill Zinyak.

The Protagonist also goes ahead to save the other Saints teammates from their simulations. Matt Miller fear of being stuck in a cyber-world with Killbane hell bent of killing him is revealed. Benjamin King’s fear of the Vice Kings (former gang mates) killing him is also revealed as well as Asha’s fear of failing a mission.

Twists and turns

The twists and turns of the storyline of this interplanetary war will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours on end. Many are the revelations that you will get to witness. Just when you think salvation has come, Zinyak unleashes an unbelievably powerful force to counter the Protagonist. Betrayal should not be lacking with Keith David turning against the Saints. He is declared president of the simulation and swears to get rid of the Protagonist so that Zinyak will restore the Earth as he has promised. Keith later betrays Zinyak as well. Superpowers are in plenty as are the weapons. The Saints Row IV- Alien Invasion Crazy will make you go crazy with its many challenges.

Party in Saints Row 4

Setting the scene in Diablo


Diablo is a hack and slash, action role-playing video game. In layman’s terms: there you can create a virtual character and improve his/her skills and abilities through the countless bodies of defeated enemy monsters. The game was developed by Blizzard North and released for PC on 31st December 1996. It was later ported to Mac and PlayStation in 1998.

What’s the game about?

Diablo is about the eternal battle between good and evil. Set in the Kingdom of Khanduras, part of the world of Sanctuary, players are supposed to travel deep into Hell itself to face Diablo, the Lord of Terror…and hopefully defeat him. The theme of the game is “dark fantasy”, meaning that there will be plenty of medieval weapons (swords, axes, bows, etc.), lots of magical items, and tons of demons/monsters you can fight. Most of the time players will be travelling through dungeons and slaying large quantities of enemies on their quest to vanquish evil.

The story of Diablo…

After the war between angels and demons, the lords of hell ( one of which is Diablo) are imprisoned into soulstones and buried deep underground. Generations later, when the battle was forgotten, Diablo seizes an opportunity to free himself by manipulating the archbishop of Tristram into destroying his soulstone prison. After that, he sets out to wreak chaos and destruction through the realm. The player’s story begins when his character arrives in Tristram. It’s up to this character to go down through catacombs, caves, and labyrinths…descending all the way to the pits of Hell where Diablo resides.

The gameplay…

Players are given a character class choice at the beginning: they have to pick up between a warrior, a rogue and a sorcerer. Each class has its pros and cons and it’s just a matter of how you would like to play the game. Warriors are into straightforward combat. They are strong and deal lots of melee damage. Rogues, on the other hand, are more fragile, so they would rather kill their enemies from a distance with ranged weapons. Sorcerers are the weakest, but their magic can be devastating. Progress is made by gaining experience levels and improving the characters’ skills, as well as equipping them with more powerful weapons and gear.

The main quality of Diablo…

…Is the replay value. Enemies drop all kinds of items: weapons, potions, equipment and this is the most addictive part of Diablo. The loot is random, so killing a simple demon can give you a piece of junk and some gold coins…or a very nice rare weapon. The game is so randomized, it can even be completed without seeing all the monsters in it. The vast number of enemy types, quests, items, and levels are the biggest advantage of this game. Combined with the multiplayer option, Diablo becomes a wonderful, fun experience for the gaming community.

Diablo is a classic title from the late 90s. It offers a deep dark atmosphere, moody music, great variety, and graphics that are impressive for their time. For fans of the hack and slash RPG genre, this is definitely a must-try experience.

Lego Star Wars – The Complete Saga

Lego star wars is an innovative, cartoony, action adventure game, which has truly taken advantage of a multi-generational love for each child’s favorite toy and the star wars film franchise. In 2006, Lego star wars sequel was refined more, mainly because it based on the much-loved original trilogy and not the prequels, which in some way disappointed the star wars fan base. Now the game is more interesting as the developer rolled both games into a single package to release the Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. The complete package comes with two games at a price of one game, with improved visuals, making it a truly excellent release. Both the two games have been successful and well received by fans. Having both the games in one package is a great deal.

Lego Star Wars Characters

The common appeal of this video game series is that it allows you; the player and the fan to act out some memorable scenes that you might have seen from the movie star wars with cute little Lego people, symbolizing the world across as a great source of joy. This concept hits various nostalgic memories, with such brutal precision, which almost seems sinister. The game play itself is very interesting and challenging as it is a blend of co-op play, puzzle solving and action plat forming. You have to switch between two or more controllable characters so that you can get around one obstacle. As you play Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, you have to make your way through different backdrops of the movie star wars, such as the cloning facility of kamino, naboo palace, corridors of the death star and even the streets of Mos Eisley.

There are different characters in the game to be unlocked during the play as well as during the collecting in the game, and exchanging the characters for currency, outfits etc. The characters are all neatly sectioned into suitable classes for play, as all of them have unique abilities to help you the player pass different obstacles. However, you can only control a single character at a time though you can switch between a party of various trailing characters, to be able to advance beyond the problems that you are presented with. The characters have different unique abilities to allow you pass through big ledges or vents as well as use force to create Lego objects that can pass laser fences.

Obviously all the items, vehicles, environments and characters are designed in 3D software from Lego bricks that appear in physical style models creating a fun, surreal and unique look. The game sometimes breaks away from the action plat former genre to a vehicle themed level. These is truly an amazing game that can be played by anyone regardless of his or her gender. The complete saga offer some new changes and upgrades. Some new few levels have been added, which makes this game even better than ever before.

No matter what one may think or say Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is truly an amazing game to play.

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Tiberium Wars Game Play

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, is an Old school game-play in new-age packaging. Tiberium Wars is a fast action real-time strategy game that allows you to play multiple campaigns. Tiberium Wars is the long awaited sequel to Tiberium Sun which was launched in 1990. Long awaited indeed! The game play looks similar to that of its predecessor, which is what gamers really liked about this game. The in-game mechanics aren’t something to write home about, but it’s the sheer excitement of a fast paced game that will take gamers to the store and get their hands on one of the copies.

Okay enough of writing to sell the game, here what happened in-game.We start with the GDI campaign; to begin with you through a 3 minute update from the Matrix-like information thrown onto the screen. On a normal day this would have made a lot of gamers a bit irritated as they generally don’t like intro videos, but to know that this game has the revival of the enigmatic Kane character just gets everyone all the more excited and for the voice-over to have called you commander right at the end, brought from memories of the last game as well.

Those live action sequences between the actual game-time were refreshing to say the least. Games these days have somehow moved away from characters being played by real people and have substituted them with CGI. Something all the games should have kept.While playing, within the first few minutes you see that there is a significant change in the way you can now speed up the game-play. The previous game-play only allowed you to build one structure at a time, but now you have an option to build multiple structures, hence saving time. From the word go, you are going to be facing the enemy, not in large numbers to start with but that just keeps the game going on at a rate of knots. Building new structures, training new soldiers and engineers, selling captured enemy structures will keep you on your toes.

From time to time the incoming messages are accompanied with human faces and more life-like voice, that is a big relief from the all the computerised voice-over running in the background. The graphics look like they are from our age, but what makes this game so distinctively modern are the location designs. These are far better than that of the previous game and give Tiberium Wars its edge.

It took about twenty minutes to finish the first mission, but what gave this mission the real kick was the last bit. It seemed that the enemy base was heavily guarded so you are given the opportunity to fire the Ion Cannon. The blast radius, the visual effects, the devastation caused, if you asked as a gamer would you love a scene like that? My response would be HELL YEAH!

I know you will like the Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars game. There is so much more to this game than just being C&C.